BLT – Command Line Twitter Client

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There are some scenarios in Unix/Linux when you are stuck at the command line and not able to get to a GUI interface. With this in mind, there is a Twitter client out there that will let you view your tweets at the command line. The application that will let you achieve this is called BLT (bash loves twitter).

BLT is a perl application that integrates Twitter into the command-line, and to install BLT, perform the following option:

sudo cpan App::BLT

After you have BLT installed, run blt at the command line and it will ask you for your Twitter username and password. You may also want to run a blt --check to grab the latest tweets from your account after you have set up the user interface.

To stay up-to-date with your tweets, you will want to run the following option at the command line from your home directory:

head .blt_content

Please feel free to leave any feedback that you have on this handy little Twitter application.

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